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Create baskets, email friends, keep track of who is buying what.

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Free for Moms

Our platform costs nothing for expectant parents to put together their gift registry list. Use it for a baby shower or 100 day banquet invitations and manage it all in one easy-to-access spot.

Add Any Item

Can’t find an item on the existing on the mamahen catalog? You can add any customised item from anywhere. You are no longer limited to putting products from only one store into your registry.

Group Gifting

For any item valued at HK$1,000 or above, mamahen will automatically split the gift into HK$200 pieces where your friends and family can contribute however much they are comfortable with.

Concierge Service

For those friends and family are too busy or live overseas, they can use our handy concierge service! We’ll purchase, wrap and deliver the gifts on their behalf to the new parents for a small surcharge of 10% the item’s value.

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